Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shimanami Bike Tour

A quick update:
I am currently packing up all my things and preparing to return home! I've been crazy busy, so no blogs.

I wanted to share this little tidbit -- Last weekend I went on a 3 day camping/bike trip with my friends. The place where we rented the bikes took our picture and put it on their website :)

Scroll to the bottom to see us with our mamacharis (bikes for moms and grandmas!)
See you soon!

Japanese phrase of the day:
Tadaima! I'm home!


MelindaW said...

Here's a preemptive Welcome Home!

Sounds like you've had an amazing experience. :)

Jen said...

Can't believe it's already time to come home!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back to Seattle! Everyone here at Arcadia has been asking about your return. You should stop by and say "hi". We have Hell Week going on now; Feel like a company lunch? :)